About HNEC

About Us

The High National Elections Commission is set to handle & manage the electoral process by the resolution No. (8 / 2013) issued by the General National Council. The commission will provide the mechanism, terms of the electoral process plus it will schedule a document delivery dates in according to the rules made by resolution No. (17 /2013).

Missions of the Commission:

  • Develop all the necessary rules and regulations needed for implementing any election process.
  • Identify execution processes and time frames for election campaigns to be completed successfuly.
  • Raise awareness and notify citizens about all the necessary procedures and guidance rules for any electoral process
  • Registeration of voters in a permanent database according to the applicable laws
  • Preparation and implementation of all materials related to the electoral process including but not limited to; voters registeration, media and observers accreditation, candidate agents, implementation of polling and counting processes, scheduling and approving results.

The organizational structure is composed of:

Board of Commissioners: concerned with the issuance of the legal documents and organizational decisions and to ensure the implementation of tasks designated to the commission.

General Administration: handles direct implementation of the electoral process