Press Release Regarding Voter Registration Process

Press Release Regarding Voter Registration Process


Upon completion of the voters’ registration process both in and out of the country, which commenced on Dec 6th, 2017 and continued until March 31st 2018 by which 2,434,654 Libyan citizens registered representing 53.26% of the population who are eligible to participate in the upcoming electoral process. This percentage is the internationally recognized standard to achieve credibility in any electoral process.

While HNEC congratulates all citizens who have registered into the voters’ register and decided to fulfill their responsibilities towards Allah and their country and to practice their political rights and their right to vote; HNEC calls upon those who have not registered yet to seize the opportunity and register in the upcoming chance of voters’ registration, which will be determined later, upon the announcement of the upcoming elections.

Further, HNEC calls upon the elites and those concerned with the political situation to be accurate and keen to convey the credible data and information published by HNEC, and not to distort or politically interpret them according to their interests. Further, it calls upon them to refrain from distorting and misleading approaches; as raising the awareness of the public is a mutual responsibility of all actors.


HNEC Board