Media and News Agencies representatives, Ladies and Gentlemen, Peace be upon you

Media and News Agencies representatives,  Ladies and Gentlemen,  Peace be upon you



The process, which was launched on December 6th, 2017, was not just a process of updating the voters’ register. In fact, it revealed several facts, the most important of which is that Libyans adhere to the democratic choice as the basis for building the future. The registration indicators showed the increasing awareness among Libyans of the importance of participating in the political process, their right to vote and the participation in decision-making processes; they have expressed this through their will and their determination to include their names in the voters’ register. That is the image we all aspire to see, the image of all Libyans gathering for one purpose: the democratic choice and the peaceful devolution of power.


The voters’ registration turnout exceeded what was planned for and has reached figures that would give more credibility to the upcoming electoral processes, which makes the HNEC rest assured in achieving one of the most important technical principles of electoral processes, the principle of (credibility); further, this helps HNEC to work on achieving other technical principles, on top of them are “integrity” and “transparency”.

With regards to “integrity” of electoral processes, the Commission understands the concerns of all Libyans, concerning some doubts about the integrity of the current voters’ registration process. For this particular issue, we would like to confirm the following facts:

  1. Breaching the voters’ register is a violation of the hopes of all Libyans and their aspirations to build a democratic state based on justice and equality, and we will never be, in any way, supporting those violators. We have sworn the oath and it is a great oath.
  2. The voters’ registration system is designed according to the latest technology in the field of security software, which prevents any attempt of breach that can invalidate or make a change in voters’ data.
  3. The current process of voters’ registration is observed internationally by UN experts and advisers who closely follow all technical procedures carried out by Libyan specialists in this field.


  1. The current voters’ register is a preliminary register and will be published, in order to be challenged before the competent courts before it becomes a final register to be used during the voting process.


  1. In order to prevent any breach that may affect the voters’ register during the polling day, the HNEC Board has decided to use the fingerprint technology or any other technology for the purpose of verifying voters’ identity; as to prevent any attempt to influence Libyans’ choices.

On the other hand, and within the framework of the preparations made by the HNEC, specifically with regards to the participation of political entities during the upcoming elections, the Commission has contacted the HoR, requesting a permission to work in accordance with the Law No. 30/2012, concerning the registration of political entities. The registration of these entities supports the principle of “transparency”, which will enable voters to know the reality of the political orientation of any political entity, giving them more clarity on their decision to vote. Further, this step will definitely prevent the distortion practiced against voters during the previous electoral processes. Moreover, taking such an action, while having enough time, will make it easier for political entities to communicate with voters; by presenting their political programs and visions for the future. We believe that this step is necessary to add more transparency for the upcoming electoral process, including the referendum on the constitution.

The “Fourth Authority”, media, played a prominent role in motivating citizens to participate in the process of registration and exercising their political rights including their right to vote and decide their destiny. Media has played a positive supervisory role, in which it has been proved that the national media is free and supports their people during difficult times. Therefore, we would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to all media channels and media professionals who cooperated with HNEC and also those who criticized its work.

Having said this, and due to the continuous desire for registration, the HNEC Board has decided to extend the registration period until February 15th, 2018 to give a chance for those who did not decide to participate yet; and we call upon them to consider the future of their children and grandchildren with a glance Optimism and certainty.

Concerning the OCV registration, all arrangements have been made in this regard. The OCV registration process will start on the sixth of this month; therefore, we invite all Libyans living abroad to participate in building the country by participating in the electoral process. We commit ourselves to facilitate all the means for them to participate in the voting process in accordance with their situation in the countries where they live.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who contributed to support the efforts of HNEC in fulfilling its duty towards the country.

Peace be upon you

HNEC Board/ January 1st, 2018