HNEC establishes the External Operations Section

HNEC establishes the External Operations Section


The HNEC Board of Commissioners issued the Decision No. (26), 2017, on the establishment of the External Operations Section, within the Operations Department.

In its first article, the Decision states: “The External Operations Section shall be established and included under the Operations Department, in the organizational structure of the General Administration”.

The second article describes the functions of this Section, including: developing the executive plans for the out-of-country voting process, supervising its implementation, establishing a database of Libyan communities abroad, following up the procedures related to international communication with regional and international organizations, considering  the applications for elections observation to ensure they meet the regulations and procedures, in addition to other functions related to developing manuals, studies and reports related to elections observation, locally and internationally.

According to this Decision, it should be noted that the Accreditation Unit, which is supervised by Ms. Hind Azzouz and Ms. Malak Al-Shilli, has been moved to the External Operations Section, headed by Dr. Abdul Ghani Daaboub. Therefore, civil society organizations and election observers can communicate with the mentioned Section.