HNEC Operations Room follows up the addition of 200 polling centers

HNEC Operations Room follows up the addition of 200 polling centers


on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017, the Operations Room held its first meeting concerning following up the new polling centers, in order to develop a work mechanism for activating the new polling centers. The meeting was attended by Mr. Abdulhakim Alshaab, HNEC Board Member, Mr. Saeed Algosbi, the General Manager, Mr. Salah Alkmeshi, Heead of the Operations Room and members of the Operations Room.

Mr. Alshaab stated that the aim behind adding 200 new polling centers, at some constituencies is to decrease the number of polling stations in polling centers and to decrease the crowd at the centers of high population. He mentioned the start of the “smart card project” which requires less number of voters as possible; then he mentioned the possibility of conducting a referendum or a presidential election, therefore, HNEC is doing its best to make those events successful.

Mr. Algosbi. Said that the purpose of adding 200 polling centers is to get the polling box closer to voters and to increase the turnout of participation; adding: “this meeting is the actual start for the Operations Room” and asked the members to communicate with all constituencies to collect the accurate geographical information and the coordinates of the new polling centers and follow up the implementation of this work as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that the Operations Room is established by the Decision of the General Manager No. 44 /2017, and it will be in permanent session until the completion of this work.