The committee in charge of the “smart card project” holds a meeting on the mechanism of implementation

The committee in charge of the “smart card project” holds a meeting on the mechanism of implementation


On Monday morning, March 27th, 2017, a meeting was held to discuss the mechanism of implementing the “smart card project”. The meeting was attended by Mr. Abdulhakeem Al Shaab, member of HNEC Board, Mr. Salah Al-Kmeshi, Head of the implementing committee, and the members of the committee, Mr. Al-Sadek Al-zakkar, Mrs. Ghada Al-Gooud, Mr. Moneer Al-Jawhari, Mr. Ahmed Al-Fetouri and Mr. Mohamed Abdou. The meeting hosted two experts in the field of software and information systems: Dr. Ahmed Al-Weheshi and Mr. Dr. Adris Abdulhadi, at the headquarters of HNEC General Administration.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Al-Shaab reviewed the idea and objectives of the project and the summary of the study prepared by the previously established committee, composed of HNEC staff. He explained that the HNEC is trying to make the “smart card project” a national project that serves the Libyan state institutions, because of the accurate security data it includes. He also welcomed the cooperation of the two experts and valued the partnership as an added value to HNEC in this project.

Mr. Salah Al-Kmeshi explained that this stage is an extension to the work of the committee which was established previously and which has developed a study on the project and a specification booklet for the project. He pointed out that the most important three objectives, HNEC tries to achieve through this project, are: producing a smart card with a specific biometric data, the ability to Verify the identity of voters inside polling stations, and the possibility of utilizing the software of the smart card project in the voters’ registration process.

From his side, Mr. Al-Weheshi praised the efforts of the HNEC `in terms of the mechanism of implementing electoral processes and its initiative of using voters’ registration system, similar to those systems used in developed countries. He called for following up UN reports