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HNEC Chairman meets the HoR Chairman at Al-Gobba City

On Wednesday, March 31st, 2021, at Al-Gobba city, Dr. Emad Al-Sayah, HNEC Chairman, visited the HoR Chairman, H.E. Mr. Agila Saleh. During the meeting, they discussed the technical and logistical preparations of HNEC and its level of readiness with regards to the infrastructure for implementing the elections, and its technical and administrative expertise.

The HoR Chairman confirmed his support for HNEC to carry out its role in the next phase and to fulfill the national commitments that lead to the elections scheduled in December 24th.

The HoR Chairman praised all international and national efforts that contributed to achieving the unity, sovereignty andstability of Libya; further, he appreciated the role of HNEC and its staff, working to promote the democratic path

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