HNEC Women’s Support Unit organizes a training course for the awareness Ambassadors

For the second day, the HNEC Women’s Support Unit continues the activities of the election awareness Ambassadors’ training course, which was launched on Saturday morning, March 13th, 2021, at the Commission’s Headquarters, and continues for 4 days, in cooperation with the International Organization for Electoral Systems (IFES).

The training course was opened by the Head of HNEC Women’s Support Unit, Mrs. Suzan Hami, who reviewed the objectives of the program and the role assigned to female Ambassadors in electoral awareness plans, appreciating the efforts of the participants, coming from various Libyan cities, in order to enhance the right of women to participate in elections in Libya.

The training program included lectures on citizenship and democracy, skills of communicating with female voters, and how to develop plans and strategies for field awareness to raise the level of women’s participation during the upcoming electoral events.

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