HNEC Board follows the preparations for the upcoming elections

The HNEC Board followed up the work progress, plans and preparations for the upcoming elections, through the meeting held by the HNEC Chairman Dr. Emad Al-Sayah, on Sunday, February 21st, 2021, with the Director General, Dr. Yahya Al-Jadeed, and the Heads of HNEC Departments and offices, at HNEC Headquarters.

The meeting was opened by the HNEC Chairman, Dr. Al-Sayah, welcoming the participants and emphasizing the importance of communication between the Board and the General Administration to assess the work progress and discuss obstacles and challenges, trying to overcome them according to the best means. He pointed to the acceleration in the political process and the intensive efforts to ensure that the Commission is fully prepared as soon as the election law is issued.

The participants discussed the technical proposals related to the electoral process in the field of awareness, training, operations, and some administrative procedures; in addition to developing a timeline for the upcoming tasks and responsibilities, assigned to the Departments and Offices.

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