Election Observation Manual a new publication within the preparations for the upcoming election

Ah HNEC meeting room, on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021, HNEC Operations Department, held a working session for discussing the basic elements of the election observation manual, being developed by the Operations Department within the preparations for the upcoming elections in December 2021.

The session was attended by the HNEC Director General Dr. Yahya Al-Jadeed, Director of Operations Department Mr. Sadiq Al-Zakkar, and the staff of the External Operations section.

The Head of the External Operations SEction, Dr. Abdul-Ghani Daaboub, along with some of the Section’s staff, reviewed the most prominent elements that will be included in the manual, with reference to international experiences and academic sources for developing such manuals, in addition to the accumulated experience of HNEC staff during the previous elections.

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