The HNEC holds its second regular meeting and discusses the requirements of the upcoming electoral process

The HNEC Chairman, Dr. Emad Al-Sayah, during his second regular meeting, held on Sunday, at HNEC’s Headquarters in Tripoli, with the Heads of the Departments and Offices, checked and followed up the readiness of the Departments and Offices to implement the upcoming elections.

The meeting which was chaired by HNEC Chairman, Dr. Emad Al-Sayah, in the presence of the Commissioner, Mr. Adbulhakim Al-Shaab, and the Director General, Dr. Yahya Al-Jadeed, addressed the requirements of the stages, leading up to the polling day and early preparation for the elections. They also reviewed the programs of the training and awareness activities that should start when elections get closer.


The HNEC Chairman instructed the HNEC’s Departments and Offices to increase the pace of work and to develop a work map that would allow the use of local expertise in implementing the elections of December 24th, 2021; emphasizing the need to pay attention to the training aspect and raise the efficiency of staff in the technical Departments, in accordance with the HNEC established standards.

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