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The HNEC checks the readiness of its Offices in the South for the upcoming elections

Mr. Abo-Baker Marda, HNEC Board Member, visited the Southern region last week, to check and follow up the readiness of HNEC Electoral Offices in the Southern Municipalities, in order to make sure they are ready to implement the upcoming electoral events.

The visit included “ Al-Shati Office” and “ Obari Office”, During which they discussed the technical and administrative challenges facing them in the Southern Region and ways to overcome those challenges, in order to create a suitable environment for launching the electoral awareness process.


During his visit, Mr. Abo-Baker held two meetings with the Head of “Al-Shati Office, Mr. Mohammad Al-Ghoul, and the Head of “Obari Office” Mr. Ali Abo-Salah. They discussed the mechanism for implementing awareness programs and holding dialogue sessions with the participation of a group of media professionals, academics and those interested in the electoral events, in the near future.

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