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HNEC Congratulates the Libyan Youth on The Occasion of The International Youth Day

Libya, as other countries of the world, celebrates the International Youth Day, August 12th, of every year, considering youth as partners in the society at all levels, representing peace, mutual respect and understanding among peoples. On this occasion, the High National Elections Commission expresses its warmest congratulations to all youth in Libya, and calls upon them to participate actively and effectively, in building the nation, starting from the participation in making the political future as voters, candidates and volunteers; in order to enhance the electoral process, moving it to its highest levels.

The High National Elections Commission was a pioneer, in its field to provide opportunities for youth to engage in electoral processes; as it conducted extensive awareness programs for youth, such as some electronic targeting them; in addition to the communication and meetings with youth organizations and university students. The youth recorded a remarkable presence in the voter register, as they constitute the largest percentage among the registrants.

In order to support their participation, the Arab Organization for Electoral Management Bodies, ARAB EMBs, of which the High National Elections Commission is one of its founders, has launched the Arab Network for Youth in Elections. This Network which is now in its establishment stages, was announced in Mauritania, in March 2020, as a project aiming at enhancing youth participation in elections. The HNEC is working, through its participation in this network, to provide awareness programs and activities for youth as they are one of the major categories of Libyan society.

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