Public Outreach Staff Conclude Their Training Activity With Acquisition Of New Skills

The staff of HNEC Public Outreach Department in Tripoli have concluded, on Thursday, June 25th,2020, their training activity on the management of websites and official social media platforms.

The training activity, which continued for four days at the headquarters of the Commission, in cooperation with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), included several aspects on content creation and the utilization of the appropriate templates for publication with practical applications on demonstrational designs and summarization of videos, in addition to information and regulations related to online publishing.

This session is the third of its kind after an intensive course that targeted the staff of the department and public outreach coordinators in the Election Administration Offices during January and February of this year, on the skills of writing news stories. This activity comes within the Department’s plan to develop the skills of its employees, building their capacity in the field of media and public outreach.

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