US Ambassador Praises Hnec’s Role in Ensuring the Consolidation of Electoral Democracy in Libya

Dr. Imad Al-Sayeh, the Chairman of the HNEC, briefed the Ambassador of the United States of America to Libya, H.E. Mr.Richard Norland, on the role of the HNEC as an independent institution responsible for the preparation for peaceful and credible elections.

The American ambassador also indicated that his country will continue its partnership with the HNEC to enable all Libyans to register to vote and fully participate in all electoral processes, stressing the need for the HNEC to be prepared and adequately supported in light of the increased prospects for a ceasefire and a real political dialogue in the coming days – As he stated.

Further, the US Ambassador congratulated the Chairman of the HNEC, during their call yesterday, Monday, June 8th, 2020, on his commitment to ensuring the consolidation of the electoral democracy in Libya.

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