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Electoral Awareness – The Theme of a meeting among Communication Coordinators of Electoral Administration Offices – HNEC

The Public Outreach and External Communications Department of HNEC discussed its 2020 annual work plan and the outreach mechanisms related to the implementation of its awareness activities, in a meeting held among public outreach coordinators of the Electoral Administration Offices, in Tripoli, on February 4th, 2020.

The meeting, which was convened following a training course organized by HNEC, in cooperation with IFES, on development of journalistic skills, and in the presence of Mr. Mustafa Al-Forjani, Head of the Department, included a review of the electoral public outreach plan and the possibility of implementation within the various Libyan cities and municipalities.

In the context of her presentation, the Head of the Women Support Unit of HNEC, Mrs. Enas Tuwaini, explained the different aspects of the continuation of the program launched by HNEC in 2019 under the name (Outreach Ambassadors) which aims at selecting volunteer women to join the different electoral awareness activities in all Libyan cities, in addition to convening dialogue sessions with active women in the media and CSOs.

For his part, the representative of the Unit of People With Disabilities, Mr. Abdel Raouf Shanab, spoke of the Unit’s activities for 2020, the most prominent of which is to develop an electoral lexicon in sign language, and to organize induction activities on electoral terms and vocabulary for those with hearing disabilities and those in charge of the electoral process; in addition to following up the outcomes of the workshops implemented by the Unit in partnership with the Projects Department of the Ministry of Education, on preparation of Polling Centers, in line with the needs of the persons with mobility disabilities

The Public Outreach and External Communications Department at HNEC in coordination with IFES has announced the launch of a package of training programs in the field of media, targeting its staff and the public outreach coordinators in the Electoral Administration Offices

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