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HNEC holds a preparatory meeting with the Faculty of Art and Media

On Thursday, the 9th of April 2018, at HNEC headquarters, a preparatory meeting between HNEC and the Faculty of Arts and Media of Tripoli University, to discuss ways of cooperation between both institutions and to strengthen the role of academic media institutions as an active partner in the upcoming electoral events.

Mr. Saeed Al Gosbi, initiated the meeting by praising the role of the Faculty of Arts and Media with its academic expertise and technical resources in raising the electoral awareness, welcoming any proposals that would lead to the establishment of an effective partnership that enhances the stability and state-building.

Mrs. Aisha Thabout, HNEC representative with the Faculty of Arts and Media, clarified that this meeting intends to present a set of practical ideas that can form the basis of a long-term strategic plan, targeting graduate generations of media professionals, to enable them to have adequate accumulative knowledge and practical experience to deal with any electoral issues. Further, this meeting aims at developing a short-term work plan for encouraging and enhancing students’ participation in any future electoral events.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Media, Dr. Abd al-Kareem Kinder, elaborated on the vision of the faculty of Art and Media in supporting electoral processes and promoting a positive atmosphere of electoral participation, stressing on the fact that, this stage requires all actors to assume their historical responsibilities towards Libya and the future generations.

The head of the media lab of the Faculty, Mr. Khaled Ghulam stated that the media lab, as one of the academic media institutions in Libya, will provide press and audio-visual training opportunities for students in the electoral field, reviewing the mechanisms and methodologies of training provided by the lab for the media personnel.

Dr. Jamal Abu Grain and Mrs. Radia El Maadani also participated in this meeting representing HNEC, and Dr. Naami Al Sayah and Dr. Ramzi Abu Ketf of the Faculty of Arts and Media, together with Mrs. Zizette Darkazalli representing the UN Electoral Support Team in Libya. All participants presented proposals that can serve the work plan and facilitates the communication process between both institutions.

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