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Participation of 27 Thousands Local and International Observers

Published by admin1 on 09-07-2012 12:00 (818 reads)

Sunday 8 July: Mr. Wesam Alzaghier, a member of the board of commissioners, revealed that about 27454 local and international observers; Candidate and Political entity agents have participated in observation and monitoring the elections of General National Congress that were conducted last Saturday.
Mr. Alzaghier also confirmed, in a press conference in Media Center, that the High National Elections Commission has not received any comments about the elections, mentioning the participation of about 1015 media agents, represented 107 local media and 358 international journalists, represented 105 International media and about 11344 local observers, represented 330 civil society and 14304 agents for candidates and political entities and about 253 guests from 36 embassies.
Out-country-voting has been observed by about 35 local observers, 9 media agents, 50 international media, 21 international observers and 12 guests, according to Mr. Alzaghier.

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