The Audit Committee for reviewing and developing electoral legislations continue to hold meetings

The Audit Committee for reviewing and developing electoral legislations continue to hold meetings


At the Headquarters of the HNEC General Administration, on Thursday, March 24, 2016, the HNEC Chairman, Dr. Emad Al-Sayah, and the Commissioners: Mr. Abd Al-Hakim Al- Shaab and Mr. Abo-Bakar Marda, held a meeting with the Committee of Legal Affairs, to review and develop the electoral legislations. The Committee was headed by Dr. Al-Koni Aboda and its member, Miss Alaa Al-Shebani, the Director of the Legal Office at the HNEC, in addition to some advisers and judges. The meeting was held to review the electoral legislations governing the work of the HNEC, and to discuss ways to address those legislations and develop them, in addition to modifying them to cope with all cases for which the HNEC was established.

Dr. Al-Sayah stated that the outcomes of this committee will be the principles upon which all future electoral legislations will be developed, as those outputs will consider the special Libyan case, pointing to the importance of presentation those outputs to the international experts to compare them with the international experience in this field.

It worth mentioning that this Committee was working, through the previous period, to prepare a study on the difficulties that the HNEC faced during the implementation of previous electoral events (elections of the General National Congress, the elections of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly and the elections of the House of Representatives); in addition to highlighting the impacts of the obstacles in the electoral legislations on the implementation of the electoral process. Further, the Committee tried to develop optimal forms for addressing the electoral disputes, within the laws and regulations governing the electoral process.

The Committee is also preparing an analytical study on the referendum laws through the applications and experiences of other countries in order to take advantage and learn from them.